Working Out When You’re Short On Time

It’s sometimes very hard maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle when you’re busy with work/school/etc. – but it’s not impossible.

Choose the best type of working out

And by ‘the best’ I mean the one that suits you the best. Whether it’s lifting weights at the gym, using bodyweight or whatever, it still counts (we’ll get into more details later).There’s no point in doing something you’re not really into. My personal favourite is pilates. I first started doing it 3 years ago and it is still the best for me.

Working out at home does count

Whoever says working out at home and not in the gym is a waste of time, clearly hasn’t tried! Like I said, I’ve been doing pilates for 3 years and for that time I have never visited an actual pilates class. I’ve been following and doing Blogilates since June 2014. You can choose from a variety of YouTube workouts which focus on different parts of the body.

You don’t need to spend hours working out

It is no secret that short, high-intensity workouts are just as effective as a good one-hour session at the gym (if not better). And again you can choose how it’s best for you to work out. There’s HIIT – high-intensity interval training which can combine both strengthening and cardio exercises. Then there is also tabata style work out (which is currently my go-to when I’m in a hurry). It’s basically 20 seconds on-10 seconds off for a total of 8 rounds. I usually choose 7 exercises and my whole work out is under 30 minutes. What I love about both HIIT and tabata is that you can create your routine – you choose what to do. And, especially with tabata,  you immediately start feeling that burn you love and hate at the same time.

Write. It. Down.

Write everything down – what you’ll do, when you’ll do it. It is just easier. And thus, it’ll be harder to skip your work out. When you have something in front of your eyes, standing as a reminder, you are more likely to do it instead of just making plans how you’ll hit the gym in the morning knowing you’ll end up laying in bed for ‘5 more minutes’. Whether on a sticky note or on your phone, having your work out scheduled will make it easier especially when you know you have 20 more things to do.

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