A Guide to Sofia Restaurants

Sofia restaurants - the View

The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, is a vibrant city mixing the atmosphere of a post-socialistic and a modern European one. Apart from historical and cultural sites, it is packed with night clubs, restaurant, etc. Today I’ll list down for you the best Sofia restaurants for every occasion!

Blend in with the locals

Life in the city center never stops. You will find lots of different places to eat or just grab a drink. On Vitosha street, which is the main pedestrian street, are various spots. And all of them are always full with people! There are plenty of those, but my personal top choices are:


This is a pretty popular one. They have a menu from which you can get something for basically any meal of the day. There isn’t, however, much choice of food, but the place is great for a coffee or night out! I recommend trying the homemade elderflower juice or some of the cakes.



With locations on Vitosha street and in front of the National Palace of Culture this is a popular spot to grab a coffee during the day. And at night it is full of people chatting and sipping on a cocktail. Memento is famous for its cocktails, so definitely try one!


Again located on Vitosha, this is one of my favourite places. With a larger variety of meals, the place is perfect for a lunch! Make sure to try the tomato soup and the apple pie – you definitely won’t regret!

Raffy Bar&Gelato

This is probably one of the most mainstream places, but it is a good stop. With several locations, the biggest of which on Vitosha street, this is a favourite spot for locals. Out of the ones listed above Raffy offers the richest menu, with lots of different meals. Pro tip: I suggest you go to the Raffy Bar&Gelato Park. Every weekend (Friday counts too) you get a 50% discount on the whole menu! You can get a sushi, pasta or whatever almost for free! And on the other days it is 20% off.

Go fancy

Sofia has a lot more to offer than just regular coffee spots. There are lots of restaurants that are more high-end and with varying price range. The ones that I’ve included in my list are not that expensive, but rather have some authentic atmosphere.

Sasa Asian Pub

This is a relatively new place, with currently 2 locations in Sofia. This – as the name suggests – is an Asian restaurant with diverse choice of meals. And we aren’t speaking of just sushi or classic Chinese food. In Sasa you can find different examples of Asian cuisine and you can enjoy finger licking good desserts, too. Plus the atmosphere is amazing!

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The View

A signature place in Sofia,  the View restaurant offers a 360 degree view upon the city center. There is a breakfast menu to enjoy some freshly baked croissants whilst overlooking the awakening city, as well as a lunch menu. Visiting any time of the day is a good idea because the view is always there!

Sense Rooftop Bar

Located on the roof of the Sense hotel, right in the heart of Sofia, this is a popular place to visit on a night out. The bar is famous for its premium wine collection and the terrace looking straight towards the dome of St Alexander Nevski cathedral.

The must-visits

There are some places that you just cannot not visit! These are some signatures for the city or for the country in general, so you wouldn’t want to miss them!


This is the biggest restaurant chain in Bulgaria with numerous locations. From traditional Bulgarian dishes to amazing sushi, Happy has it all! This is a favourite place to every Bulgarian. The atmosphere in the restaurants gives the vibes of a fancy spot while the prices are moderate.

Nedelya Cake Company

Again, a major chain in the country. Nedelya has some of the best cakes you will try – not only sweet but savory, too. And there is a rich variety of all kinds of drinks. My personal recommendations: if visiting in winter, go for the Belgium hot chocolate, if in summer – raspberry lemonade. As for the cakes – anything will do the trick because all of them are super delicious!

Gelateria Confetti

One of my favourite places in Sofia! You can find it on Graf Ignatiev street – a very charming one. With old buildings on both sides, a cobblestone paved street with old trams passing every now and then Graf Ignatiev winds across the heart of the city. Grab a cone of ice cream and wander mindlessly around!

The Apartment (A:Part:Mental)

This is a very arty place. As the owners call it it is a gallery of independent artists, a library with free Internet and a team room with a variety of himalayan and amazonian teas. They also have delicious homemade desserts, some of which are organic. It consists of several rooms, each designed in a unique way. There is one completely inspired by the Tibetan culture!

Those are my top recommendations to visit when in Sofia. Of course, there are a lot more, so probably I’ll be doing some more lists soon. As for now, you may expect an article about some offbeat locations!

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