Working Out at Home Made Easier Than Ever

With winter waiting around the corner, the days get shorter and colder and the will for a workout – weaker. Not having a ‘summer body’ to sculpt and look after but instead – tons of work, the majority of people put fitness and motivation on hold.

Even when you’re really short on time, there is still a way to incorporate a workout in your routine  every now and then. The easiest way – just train at home! Below I’ll list the essential equipment you need to really get that burn everyone both loves and hates.

Resistance Bands

These are probably my favorite piece of equipment. There are several types of resistance bands and you can use them to target different muscle groups. For now I have only loop bands which I use mainly for leg and glutes workouts. What I love the most about them is that, firstly, there are 4 levels of resistance. I started from light and now, depending on the exercise, I use either heavy or extra heavy resistance. Secondly, they are super light weight (obviously) and can be taken everywhere. What more could you want!

Pilates Ring

At first glance it doesn’t look like something that will make your muscles sore. But once you try out a pilates ring thigh routine, you’ll quickly change your mind. It is extremely intense, hence you might not need to spend hours of working out but instead sneak a quick circuit workout. The one that I am using now is by Body Sculpture, but there are many others. I actually think that this type of ring will be more comfortable, however.


Of course, weights. I think there’s no need to rant about this, but having some sort of weights at home is one step further. For the time being I have only a set of 4.4 lbs dumbbells but I intend on buying ankle weights. These are great for core exercises. And putting them on while rope jumping takes things to another level.

Cardio Equipment

It’s no secret that cardio is a key to efficient work out regime, like it or not. But with temperatures below freezing, it’s hard to get that morning jog at the park. Then having a treadmill at home is a life-savior. Bonus – you can set the incline level for a more intense session. If you’re not familiar with treadmill specifications, though, you might need to do some research. Spare yourself hours of browsing and check out my friends’ from research on treadmills. They have gathered and summed up all the essential information about different types depending on your needs. As a matter of fact, on their website you’ll find lots of reviews on various products – both fitness- and nonfitness-related.


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