Uetliberg – A Bird´s-Eye View of Zurich, the Lake and the Alps


Zurich is a city with a charm like no other and as I’ve mentioned before, it has lots of pretty views. One of these is Uetliberg. The city’s own mountain offers truly splendid panormic views of Zurich, the lake, the Alps and the endless green meadows.


Now, when I say mountain don’t imagine giant snow-capped peaks hovering above the city. As Uetliberg stands only 869 m tall, it is easily accessible and also visible from the city centre, with its iconic TV tower. If you’re mainly fond of the views, tram 10 can take you there in as little as 30 minutes. Get your camera ready and snap away.

But if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure – not too tiring though – then keep on reading!


About the trail

I and my boyfriend decided to take the Felsenegg – Uetliberg hiking trail. It is known as Planetenweg, because it features a model of the Solar system at a scale of 1:1 billion. Along the way, you can find several signs and maps of where in the ‘Solar system’ you are, Uetliberg being the Sun. The trail is around 6 km long, and it takes around an hour and a half or two. The path follows the lake and passes though forests and open meadows. It is an easy hike and a particularly pleasant one because of the scenic views of not only Zurich, but also the valleys on the other side of the mountain. There are plenty of spots with tables and benches if you want to rest or maybe have a little picnic. And of course, there are several spots with fresh mountain water!

A picture perfect spot right at the beginning of the trail.

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Getting there

To get to Felsenegg, you take a cable car from Adliswil which is accessible by public transport and car. And to my surprise there was even a free parking lot for people taking the lift! The ride with the cable car is 10, maybe 15 minutes, and you can use the Zurich city pass, if you have such. If you don´t, the price of the trip is like a regular 1-hour ticket (CHF 4.40). As you slowly approach the top of the ride, views of the lake and the houses dotted on – what it seems to me – the evergreen lawns and meadows start to get more and more mesmerizing. Once you exit the cable car, you can simply follow the signs Wanderweg/Planetenweg. Also, Felsenegg is a good spot if you want to grab a bite or a drink, or maybe go to the toilet. The next such place is Ueltiberg itself!


And so the adventure and the views begin…

To be honest, I expected a bit more challenging terrain. It is more or less a straight path throughout the whole time. I was really thankful for this, because the previous day we had roamed around Lucerne for 6 hours! Yep, that´s 13 km.

Along the trail there are several spots with breathtaking views worth the shot. It is also a popular destination among locals, so don´t worry about getting lost. There were even several houses secluded between the small forests.


It took us around an hour and half to get to Uetliberg. Let me tell you, the views really are beautiful. The city, the lake, the small towns in the area, the alps. Colourful meadows to the other side. It really puts you at ease. Just when we reached the top, though, a sheet of clouds spread across the sky, hiding away those snowy alpine summits and making the city an unclear dot. Talk about luck! In this regard, my biggest tip would be carefully checking the forecast before hitting the road to Uetliberg!

What to expect at Uetliberg

One can enjoy a meal or a drink accompanied with splendid views at the Uto Kulm restaraunt. There is a lookout tower, to get to the top of which you have to pay just CHF2. Alternatively, there is a lookout deck which offers pretty much a 360 degree view. If you don´t feel like walking back to Felsenegg, you can easily go to Uetliberg station and catch tram 10 to the city. You can also hike down Uetliberg towards Triemli or Albisutli and catch a bus/tram to Zurich.



To sum it up all, Uetliberg really is a must if you are visiting Switzerland´s biggest city! Regardless if you decide to do a full hike, do a part of it or just go by public transport, the views are worth it all. Despite the weather inconvenience we had, I genuinely enojoyed this new perspective of what has to be one of my most favourite cities ever!

Have you been to Uetliberg? Let me know what your thoughts are! 🙂

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