The Essential Zurich Guide

Zurich is one of those city that will make you want to visit again and again. It isn’t the typical tourist destination, like Rome, Paris, etc, therefore you won’t have to wait forever on lines and bump into huge crowds. Yes, Zurich (and Switzerland in general) is a pretty expensive place, but if you know Read More

Rome In 3 Days (Part One)

Rome may sound like a mainstream destination, but trust me – it’s a classic and definitely a must-see! Even if you’re not into old ruins and ‘stones’ – which are basically everywhere in Rome – the city’s charm and magical atmosphere will make you think twice. I’ve been to 3/4 biggest European capitals (Paris and Read More

San Diego, California – Top 5 Things To Do

It is no coincidence that San Diego is called “America’s finest city”. I have been there several times and it never fails to impress me. Just 2 hours south of LA, with unique landscapes and miles of coastal lanes San Diego has something for everyone.


1.Beautiful nature and hiking trails

San Diego is located near the Laguna mountains, meaning you can find a lot of trails for hiking, all of them exposing breathtaking views. Most of the trails are not very steep nor very hard, so you do not need any special equipment. The only thing you cannot go without is water, since the heat is very unforgiving especially during summer mid-days. One of the best and most famous ones is the Torrey Pines hike, which is also a state natural reserve. Another one, which I strongly recommend, starts at the Cabrillo National Monument (the picture above was taken there). The monument is one of San Diego must-sees, because it provides a stunning view of the bay, the Coronado island and you can even catch a glimpse of Downtown San Diego. On the other side of the hill you can just admire the ocean and the sensation of tranquillity it creates. Alongside the western coast of the area you can find tide pools, but we’ll get to them later. You can reach the monument by car, so I personally wouldn’t choose this path for hiking – my idea of hiking doesn’t really involve highways – but there’s a two-mile hiking trail that goes down the eastern slope of the hill. From there you can get the same view as above while enjoying Cali’s nature.

Tip: Another great way to enjoy the beautiful view of San Diego Bay is on a boat – soaking in the warm sunlight with the ocean breeze in your hair while sailing by the skyscrapers is Downtown SD. If you’re interested in charter service for the Bay (and not only in San Diego area), here are the best captains in town.

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