Summer Getaway – Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Summer is knocking on the door and is calling for sunny beaches and vacations. If you haven’t planned your holiday yet, I’ve got you covered (and even if you have planned it, you might want to think twice). Since it’s vacation summer I’ll be doing something like a series of posts about places in Bulgaria, because my country really is a hidden gem. Today, I’ll be taking you on a virtual trip along our seaside and I bet afterwards you’ll put it on your travel list.

Bulgarian Black sea coast has everything you want – from wild beaches with crystal clear water to luxurious resorts and so on. And the best thing about Bulgaria after its beauty is that it is cheap for foreigners. Very cheap.

There are plenty of resorts along the Bulgarian coast, so it would take me hours to list them all. I’ve chosen several of them, which I consider the best. There is something for everyone – quiet places for family vacations, big cities, places with ancient history etc.

Silistar Beach

This one is a piece of paradise on Earth. It’s located on the south, the water and weather are perfect temperature and the beach is surrounded by forests. However, in recent year the taxes for the beach might have gone a bit higher but that is because the money is needed for the maintenance of the area. The beach is also located near the village of Sinemorets, which is perfect for families with kids or for everyone looking for relaxation away from noisy cities.


Sozopol, once a Greek colony, was established 3 thousand years ago. The city combines the  charm of a seaside town, ancient atmosphere and a modern resorts. It’s a UNESCO heritage site, and it is often considered one of the  best places along our sea coast. Sozopol is a favourite place for foreigners, too. I’ll be visiting later this summer, so expect a blogpost about the town.



This one is a little village on the South and although it has recently gained popularity, it’s still not overcrowded and urbanized. It’s a place with clear water and sand and in the are nearby you can find beautiful spots for diving and fishing.


Irakli is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. It’s a wild place with crystal clear water. The area is surrounded by forests and it is quite peaceful. For some reason it still hasn’t turned into a hot tourist destination with big hotels, bars, etc. Luckily!


Like Sozopol, Nessebar, first Thracian settlement and later Greek colony, is also an ancient town and a modern resort. It’s divided in 2 parts – the Old town, which was originally an island, and the New town. They are connected with a man made isthmus. The town is called the Pearl of the Black Sea. It’s a beautiful place with a long history. It’s perfect for both families with kids and for people looking for fun – Nessebar is 5 minutes away from Sunny beach. And Sunny beach s where almost everybody comes to party. People from everywhere visit every summer, it is something like the Bulgarian Ibiza.


Varna is the ‘sea capital’ of Bulgaria and is the second largest city. It’s a favourite place for many Bulgarians and foreigners as well. Varna is located at the northern seaside which is very picturesque and full of beautiful wild places and beaches. In the summer Varna is full of life, so if you seek both the comfort of the seaside and the liveliness of the city, then this is your destination! And as I mentioned, nearby you can find quite a lot ‘hidden’ gems that are worth your time.


This is a small village 80 km north from Varna and it is probably one of the most beautiful places along our coast. Captivating scenery, crystal clear waters, calmness and peace – what more  could you want! The coast of Tyulenovo is known for its sea caves and tranquility and it is the perfect destination for everyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities.

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