Sithonia Best Spots – 5 Days Itinerary

Greece will forever be one of my favourite places and I am impatiently waiting to get back! The peninsula of Chalkidiki is a very popular spot among tourists and for a reason! Although having visited only Sithonia, I was mesmerized by the beauty of this place. Here’s a travel guide to Sithonia best spots!


We spent most of our time here, since we stayed at the campsite, which is just before the beach. It’s a very beautiful beach with calm aquamarine water, soft sand a stunning view. Right across the beach, on the horizon mount Athos stays tall, looking like a home to gods. We were just at high season (mid July), so it was a surprise to find there weren’t many people. You can find a beach bar with refreshing drinks and relaxing music also a small restaurant to grab something to eat.

Portokali Beach

Portokali (Orange) – or Kavouroutripes, meaning “crab holes”- beach is like the cherry on top of the cake. To say I was amazed would be an understatement. Never had I seen such blue and clear waters! And the underwater world was just as fascinating. We spent a great deal of time snorkeling, and this was the best place! Rich diversity and rocks forming something like small underwater canyons. However, the beauty of the beach is no secret, so there were far too many people. And ad that more than a half of Portokali is a rocky beach (almost no sand), it was a bit hard to find a spot. This, of course didn’t personally stop me from loving the place!


Karidi Beach

This one is again a popular destination and is located next to the village of Vourvouru. There were no aquamarine waters nor was there an interesting underwater scenery. It was nice in the morning – calm sea and extremely soft sand – but around noon it got overcrowded. In addition, some dirt appeared in the water – maybe because of the motor boats near and all the tanning oil -and it was a bit disgusting. Nevertheless, I’ve heard great things about the beach, so we probably just had malchance. Will give it another chance, though!


Sarti is the biggest town in the area and it sure was crowded! We paid it a night visit, so I can’t say much about the beach. I’ve only heard it is sometimes suitable for windsurfing and might get overcrowded. The town looked Greek to the bone with white-colored taverns,old  white one story houses with trees and bushes in front, narrow paved streets – straight out of a postcard. Going up the main street, you’ll find a big cross and something like a view point, where you can see the town and the beach or mount Athos.

Of course there are many other towns/beaches worth a visit, but I believe these are some of  Sithonia best spots, so what are you waiting for? Start packing now!

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