Lake Como – A Different Perspective

Lago di Como, or lake Como (in English) is one of the big north Italian lakes and a favourite spot for tourists. With narrow streets and colorful houses, the towns on lake Como are straight out of a postcard. And the perfect romantic destination for your trip to Italy.

The biggest town is Como, from where you can catch a boat and sail around the lake. It has the features of a typical Italian town – houses in different colors, one big duomo (cathedral) on the main square and thousands of  narrow paved streets. It’s quite crowded, though, and more beloved destinations on the Como bank are Bellagio and Varenna. You’ve probably seen pictures of stunningly beautiful Bellagio. It has been on my bucket list since day 1, but we were unfortunate and missed the last boat.

However, we got to see a bit different perspective of the lake. I, personally, have never read or seen anything about it and that is so underrated!

Brunate – heaven on earth

Brunate is a small mountainous town, located 500 m above Como and the two are connected by a funicular. It overlooks the whole lake – to say the view is beautiful would be an understatement. Take a look for yourself.

The town was once home to Alessandro Volta. For me it was important to visit, because it is the place where one of the most famous Bulgarian poets lived his last years. The grave of Pencho Slaveikov is in the yard of Brunate library, just across the house where he died. To be honest, everyone would be lucky to enjoy his last days on such place!


Apart from being the perfect spot for photos of the lake, Brunate doesn’t have as much to offer as some other towns. Nevertheless, it gives the start of several trekking paths, leading to different points of interest. Trekking and hiking in the region is now definitely on my to-do list! If you’re not the adventurous type, then sip on a glass of wine and eat some pasta with a million-dollar view.

Brunate is one of those hidden gems you accidentally find and are mesmerized by. Unknown to many, and neglected because of the mainstream destinations, this offbeat piece of paradise is bound to take your breath away.

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