Camping in Platanitsi, Greece

Platanitsi beach

I had never been camping until we made a family trip to Greece couple of weeks ago. Although I haven’t (yet!) seen much of Greece, I absolutely love it! We didn’t know much about Camping Platanitsi, but it turned out to be a piece of heaven on Earth.

Platanitsi beach

It is located on Sithonia, between the village of Vourvouru and the town of Sarti. Chalkidiki is usually a popular summer destination, but this one is a calm and relaxing place to visit.

Greek beaches are known for their beauty and Platanitsi is no exception. Crystal clear waters, soft sand and direct view to mount Athos – it really deserves its Blue-flag ranking! You can sip on a frappe from the Africafe beach bar while soaking in the sun, enjoying the nice music the bar plays. Platanitsi is also a good place for diving/snorkelling (expect more about that!). Even if you haven’t done it before, you can book a session with a local diving academy.


The campsite

It’s in a nice shady forest right before the beach and has everything you might need on reasonable prices. You can find a supermarket, bathrooms, electricity, Internet access and medical aid. It isn’t the fanciest one, like neighboring Armenistis, but it’s budget friendly and a perfect spot to relax. For 5 nights it cost us €35 per person, electricity included. What I liked best was that you set your tent(s) wherever you like and you really feel close to nature. Of course, if you’d like you can rent a camper (or bring yours too). Some people have probably rented their spots for longer and they have turned them into small houses with yards and one with a vegetable garden!

Most of the people were from Serbia and Greece, but there were some families from as far as the Netherlands! The atmosphere is very friendly and the place is safe – perfect for families with kids. There were always children playing around. And you can also bring your pets!

Neighboring Area

Platanitsi is only 3 km away from Sarti where you can find restaurants, shops, etc. Also there are several other beaches in the area in case you want some diversity. Almost every beach offers water attractions such as jet ski, ferries to mount Athos or neighboring villages and so on. Day trips to other towns/beaches in Sithonia (or the rest of Chalkidiki) are a great way to explore the beauty of Greece and make the most of you vacation.

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