About Evslifestyle

Hello and welcome to Evslifestyle – my little creative space!

I am Eva, a 20-year-old Bulgarian girl who currently lives and studies in the Netherlands. I am passionate about living a healthy life, a part of which is also a healthy mind and soul. And while the main interest of my college studies lies in the science field, I am a lover of exploring new cities and nature. I am a foodie by heart and one of my goals is to create my own easy nourishing recipes that feed both your body and soul. I love taking pictures of the places I see and the people I meet. Evslifestyle is my little creative online space – a reflection of all these things and my humble thoughts on this world!

The whole blogging thing for me started simply as a random idea my boyfriend gave me. In the beginning it was hard co-ordinating high school, my part-time job, having fun and blogging, so I had a lot of periods of inspiration followed up by serious lack of motivation. Writing has always been my little thing, though, and I really want to document my journey through life with words (and pictures). I hope that as this blog grows, I can share with you more and more exciting journeys, recipes and stories! 

I hope you´ll have a pleasant time following my adventures!

Eva x